Dealing with technological things can very likely

cause more than a few of us to sometimes feel a bit intimidated, anxious, fearful, and/or

agitated. This is usually the result of a lack of knowledge and/or experience with the vari-
ous technologies under consideration. However, technological things can also bring us

some delightful blessings, too, can’t they?

I remember several years ago when some of my family decided that a nice Christmas gift for my mother

would be a microwave oven. At the time, mom was probably in her mid to late 60’s. The family members

discussed it with mom, but she was quite hesitant with the idea. As I recall, her skepticism was verbalized

something along these lines: “Well, I just don’t see how I really need one of those things! I’ve been cooking a long

time without one, and I get along pretty well.” Her hesitancy was primarily because of her lack of knowledge

and experience with a microwave oven. My sisters [and sisters-in-law] insisted that they would help mom

learn how to use it. As you might have already guessed, in just a few short months, mom was greatly

enjoying the blessings of her new microwave oven! – – How many of us would be very quick or willing at all

to give up our microwaves, televisions, computers, smartphones, automobiles, or electricity, etc.?

I would like to herein express again a BIG THANK YOU to the Hilldale Technology Ministry

Team for all that they do! There are a lot of Technological Blessings being provided each week by this

servant ministry! They provide them, not only to Hilldale members, but also to many others far beyond the

reach of the Hilldale church building. One particular Technological Blessing that I was privileged to enjoy

last Sunday is the “Livestream Video” of our Worship Services. Being unable to attend worship myself

in person last Sunday [due to a stomach virus], it was such a blessing to be able to hear and view the

Hilldale worship services on my home computer! I was able to hear the announcements; sing every

song while viewing the hymn lyrics and music on the projected screens; hear the sermon; listen and view as

communion was being observed; and hear every prayer! It was almost like being present. – – I know that a

lot of “volunteer service hours” goes into making this happen for our Sunday morning and evening worship

services. It truly is a Technological Spiritual Blessing! – A Very Special Thanks again to the Technology

Ministry Team! – – Who knows who else from wherever in the world may be receiving these blessings too?