New Family Life and Involvement Minister

On Sunday, September 16th, the Eldership announced our intention to direct an increased focus in the area of involvement for the Hilldale family.  This decision is based upon hours of study, prayer and listening to our members concerns from the congregational survey and aligns with the future vision of Hilldale.  As part of this new vision, an Family Life and Involvement minister position has been established.  The general summary of this new ministry position is to serve the Lord with a passion and sincere love for God in the area of Involvement and Family ministry.  This ministry is to promote growth in relationships with the Lord, relationships with one another and relationships with our community as we reach lost souls.  The purpose of the ministry is to glorify God in word, worship, and daily lives.

This duty requires the minister to be an innovative individual who can recognize the challenges of attracting and meeting the spiritual needs of our congregation and of our local community.  The minister needs to be capable of brainstorming methods, within the confines of Scripture and guidance of the Elders, which will help our existing membership and attract members of our community to the Hilldale body.

The scope of this ministry will be to work within the vision and mission of the Hilldale Church of Christ, under the direction of the Elders and through coordination with future involvement and family ministry teams consisting of deacon(s), youth & family committees, adult volunteers, parents, and the overall membership.  The minister will work alongside the ministerial staff (pulpit and youth), office staff and our deacons to plan and coordinate activities, functions and events for the congregation. The minister is expected to be the leader and to provide the guidance necessary to get the most and best results from this program. The minister’s life must be a model that demonstrates he is a faithful Christian, husband and/or father. The minister must set a proper example of Christian behavior at all times.

Understanding the design and purpose of this new position, we, as your Shepherds have decided to convert our existing Associate Minister position to this new Involvement and Family Life minister position.  Effective, Sunday, September 16th, Brother Carl Sims’ position as our Associate Minister has been dissolved, and he has been reassigned to the new ministerial position of Involvement and Family Life Minister.

We ask you as faithful Hilldale members to keep this new work and Brother Sims in your prayers. We encourage everyone to participate in the various activities and provide your support in the new involvement ministry.  Thank you!