Family Life and Involvement News

Over the past few weeks, the Elders have been working to fill the Family Life and Involvement Ministry position.  When the position reopened, brother Travis Hartle approached the Elders about the possibly of his reassignment to this position.  After many meetings, discussions, and prayers, the decision has been made to move Travis from his role as Youth Minister to the Family Life and Involvement Minister effective Sunday, December 2, 2018.

As we all know Travis is enthusiastic and energetic.  He has a zeal for work in the Kingdom and a love for the church here at Hilldale.  Travis’s role as Hilldale’s Youth Minister, over the last five years, has helped prepare him for this new role that he and his family now embark on.  The Elders, as well as Travis and Jessica, are excited about the possibilities and the potential we have here at Hilldale as he starts serving in this new position.

We plan to immediately start searching for someone to step into the Youth Minister position with the assembly of a search committee for that purpose.  We want to assure our youth and their families that Travis and the Eldership are committed to finding the right person to fulfill this role.  Travis will be helping serve on the committee to help find our next Youth Minister.  Until the Youth Minister position is filled, Travis will continue to fulfill his duties to our youth and their families with a few additional responsibilities relating to Family Life and Involvement.

We ask that the church keep Travis, his family, and the search for our new youth minister in your thoughts and prayers.

As this exciting next chapter in the life of the church here at Hilldale begins, we ask that if you are not involved that you seek to become involved, to challenge yourself to get outside the box, to know others, and to love others.  By knowing and loving one another, we can also strengthen one another in our daily spiritual walk.  You will be blessed by doing this, and your brothers and sisters around you will be blessed.  Above all may God be honored and glorified in all that we do.