Sunday Night Worship Variation:

     The Hilldale Elders and Ministers have periodically discussed how to make our Sunday night Worship times more of a draw to the Hilldale body.  One way we believe will encourage this is to incorporate some variation into our Sunday Night gatherings.  This will give our Sunday night Worship experience some variety and not just be a repeat of the Sunday Morning Worship style. 

     The chart below shows our plans for our Sunday night worship services for the next six (6) months [September 2019 through February 2020].  All Sunday night worship gatherings will rotate through the different categories on a monthly basis.  Best efforts will be given to keep our Worship or Devotional Services to 50 minutes in length.  The design for the third Sunday night is to encourage involvement through planned projects or visitation. 

     We plan to initiate this new schedule on Sunday Night September 1st.  We ask the Hilldale family to please participate in this new rotation format for the next 6 months through February 2020.   Near the end of that time, we would like to hear from you regarding how you feel about this variation in the Sunday night worship services. 

     Please review the chart below for a clearer idea of our Sunday night worship plans, and as always, should you have any questions, please ask any of the elders.

[*] BIBLE QUESTIONS – 2nd SUNDAY NIGHTS:  If you have a question or multiple questions about the Bible, or if you have questions you would like to hear addressed from a biblical perspective, please submit your question(s) in one of the following ways:  1) Email your question directly to Steve Kirby at, OR 2) Write your question on the back of your attendance card.