To the Members at Hilldale,

The elders have been in constant contact with one another, with the recommendations of government, health, and other advisors regarding the current COVID-19 situation.

After much thought and prayer, we have decided to continue to suspend all activities, including worship services and classes, in our building through Thursday, April 16th.  We will re-evaluate the situation at that time and advise the congregation accordingly.

We understand many of our members are unable to participate in our online worship services and Bible classes.  As a result, we have investigated various solutions to provide an alternative worship venue for you.  On Sunday, April 8th, join us at 10 am as we begin a TV broadcast of our Sunday AM worship services on local CDE channel 12, Spectrum/Charter channel 6 and on frequency 22.1 for digital antennas.  Please understand due to time restrictions on the TV broadcast, services will be a rebroadcast of the previous Sunday AM worship service and will be edited for the 30-minute time slot.

For those with Internet access, please continue to join us for worship services and Bible classes online.  Stay tuned for new communication links from Travis and Harris. 

Special thanks to John Murray, Jared Travis, Pat Biter and our ministers for implementing these.

If needed, individual communion cups may still be picked up from the church office between the hours of 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday.  Alternatively, families may also enjoy making their own communion bread.  If it is convenient, you may also leave your contribution at the church office too.  Please remember you can also mail your contribution to the church, and in time, give online (Stay tuned for additional information about online giving.)

These actions are unprecedented, but we want all of you to stay healthy and continue to do what is best for you and your family.

Once again, we, as an eldership, want to express our appreciation for your patience with us as we navigate very difficult and confusing waters.  We are seeing something in our world right now that none of us have ever witnessed.  We hope you realize that the changes we have made, are making, and may make in coming days, are made after prayerful consideration and out of an abundance of caution for the safety and well-being of the members of the Hilldale congregation.  Along with that, it is our primary concern for the spiritual well-being of you all, and that is why we strongly recommend you take advantage of the resources available through the church’s website – http://hilldalecc.org .

We love you all and pray God’s richest blessings upon you!

Your Elders

UPDATE – 04/17/2020

From the elders:

During the elder’s Sunday afternoon Zoom internet meeting, it was decided that we would continue our current mode of worship through April 30 (at home using the internet and/or television). There will be no public assemblies until then.

We will closely monitor and promptly report any significant change which affects us as a church body. We are aware of how much the church wants to meet together again.

This decision was based on two publicly known facts:
1. The number of positive Covid 19 cases has not reached its peak yet.
2. The risk of a second wave of new cases is very real if vigilance is relaxed too soon.

To paraphrase Jeremie Bellar (Christian Chronicle May 2020)… church is truly bigger than our buildings…

We are still the loving family that meets at Hilldale.

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