Build One Another Up

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

To help build one another up, encourage one another, and help us feel a little more connected the month of July at Hilldale is becoming “Build Up” month.  The Involvement Ministry will be launching the Build One Another Up Program (B1A) that will run from July 6 through July 31.

In B1A↑ each participating member will have a secret “encourager” that will pray for them, send them notes, and maybe even leave small gifts for them.  Each participating member will also be an “encourager” for someone else.  By the end of the month you will have secretly helped encourage someone and you will have been encouraged by an anonymous person.

If you are curious what being an encourager will look like here are some examples of what you could do throughout the month of July.

  • Pray for your secret partner.
  • Send your secret partner an anonymous card.
  • Hand write a note for your secret partner and mail it to them, or leave it under their windshield whippers after Sunday morning worship. 
  • Leave a small gift on your secret partner’s doorstep, but don’t get caught.
  • Send your secret partner a small gift in the mail.
  • Leave your secret partner their favorite candy somewhere they will find it.

If you would like to participate (be an encourager and an encouragee) please follow the link below and fill out a quick survey by no later than Sunday, July 5.  You will be emailed your secret partner’s information on July 6 and 7.  Friday, July 31 will be our Reveal Day!  On that day you will need to contact your secret partner and let them know your identity.  This can be done via a phone call, card, etc. 

A couple of things to keep in mind.

  • Any age may participate.  If you are below the age of 18, we do ask that you let your parents know that you are participating and allow them to help you as necessary. 
  • This program requires your time.  Before you sign up please make sure your schedule will allow you to be an active encourager. 
  • This program is not meant to cost participants a lot of money.  Gifts can be homemade or very inexpensive.
  • You may not know your secret partner very well, but you will be given the survey that your secret partner filled out so you can learn something about them.  Looking up their photo in our directory app can also help.

Please click HERE to register. Registration will close on Sunday, July 5

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