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“Carl’s Thoughts” by Carl S. Sims

We are so happy that our members at Hilldale are still reading their Bibles. This week Gene Forehand has completed the reading of the New Testament. Who will be next? Remember what Jesus tells us in John 5:39: “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which […]

Are we a “Friendly” Church?

How would you answer that question? How do you think people who visit Hilldale might answer that question? I usually get a “yes” answer to that question whenever I visit with people who have visited Hilldale. However, a few times I have heard a recent visitor say “they attended a worship or Bible class service […]

Carl’s Thoughts

During these cold winter days, we have extra time. Our members are using that time to read their Bibles. We are so happy to report that three of our members have completed the reading of the New Testament. Jimmy Powell, Bettie McCuiston, and Gene Forehand has completed and has already started reading again. Who will […]

Selective Obedience is Willful Disobedience

SELECTIVE OBEDIENCE IS WILLFUL DISOBEDIENCE: Please re-read those words and pause to contemplate them. Consider each word individually and the phrase collectively. What do the words mean by themselves and together as a combined statement? Do you think the statement is true? My guess is that almost everyone, perhaps even non-Christians, would view “Willful Disobedience” […]

Heart lines by Steve Kirby

HEART LINES {From Steve Kirby} GOD BLESSED US WITH ANOTHER WONDERFUL VBS! I want to add my appreciation and special thanks to everyone who helped make this year’s VBS a GREAT SUCCESS! Who knows by what it was last week’s VBS at Hilldale that made an indelible impression upon the soft heart of a young […]

Heartlines April 17th, 2016

DESTROYED! That’s not a pleasant word, is it? What do you think of when you hear the word destroyed? Here’s some of the synonyms my Webster’s Thesaurus gives for destroyed: wrecked, annihilated, lost, devastated, wasted demolished, shattered, put an end to, eradicated… Some of the things we often hear associated with the word destroyed are […]