Welcome to the Family, 

We the Children and Youth Ministry team are glad you found us. However you happened upon us we know that you found a place you can belong!

Our mission is that the Hilldale youth ministry deliberately guides young people into Christian discipleship by involving youth and their families in a safe and Christian community so that the spiritual development of the family is fulfilled, encouraging them to lead spiritually rich, God-centered lives, and preparing them to impact their world for Christ.

The Hilldale youth ministry hold to this set of core values:

  • Love: We strive to be aware of the needs of others and to demonstrate love and compassion to all who come in contact with our youth ministry.
  • Discipleship: We desire to be grounded in the foundations of our faith and to communicate our faith effectively and confidently with others.
  • Joy: We live with a contagious excitement about our faith that draws others to become a part of our church family.

We work through trusted and intentional volunteers to foster Godly relationships with those who are not in the immediate family of the adolescent. These volunteers provide the accountability and the life changing guidance that every parent wants in a youth program. Over everything else, we are here to share and show the gospel and love of our Lord, Jesus Christ in every thing that we do. 

We truly hope that you join us soon. We would love to have YOU as a part of our family!

Harris Fondren (Youth Minister)                                                                  662-897-0712 or harris@hilldalecc.org


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