Ladies “Call to Encourage”

Hello, Ladies,

We teachers miss meeting with you for our weekly Bible studies and fellowship as we are sure miss these times together also, so we have devised a way for members to encourage one another by asking each class member to phone one person in our class each week.

So that everyone receives a call from a different person each week, we suggest these guidelines.

  1. Locate your copy of the class roster. (Send an email to Ann Harris  at if you have misplaced your copy of the roster.)
  2. Find your name on the roster.
  3. Find the name of the person listed just below your own name. If your name is at the end of the roster, go to the beginning and find the first name there.
  4. Call this person to chat briefly to show your love for her and to let her know that you are thinking of her during this time when we are being asked to stay safe at home. You might share your favorite encouraging Bible verse and tell why it is comforting to you.  
  5. These guidelines will be loaded onto the Hilldale Church of Christ Webpage under “Ministries.”
  6. Next week, I’ll send a new way to select the person you call.

On another note: Please call Travis Hartle if you need someone to deliver food or supplies to your house.

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