Worship Update due to COVID-19

Only 3 days ago we announced to the Hilldale family our response to the ever-changing Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  Since Sunday the number of cases in Tennessee has doubled and our government officials have changed their requests regarding gatherings no larger than 250 people to 50 and even downward to 10!  These changes have caused us to reassess our situation and the appropriate Hilldale family response to the requests of the government.  We do not wish to challenge your patience with yet again another change in our response.  We are torn to even make this announcement so quickly, but we feel that the safety of the flock and our contribution to slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus can only be done right one time.

Currently we are scheduled as follows:

  • No Sunday Morning Bible Study
  • No Sunday PM Worship (Online Broadcast Only)
  • No Tuesday Ladies Bible Class or FUEL functions
  • No Wednesday Night Devo or Bible Study (Online Broadcast Only)
  • No Youth Activities including Lads to Leaders training at the building
  • No 5th Sunday Potluck or Wednesday Night Fellowship

     Our prayer is that you will accept our efforts to help keep you and your families safe.  So, for the next two weeks, we are adding:

  • NO SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP GATHERING – We will conduct Livestream Broadcast only
  • Individual Communion sets will be available for pick-up during church office hours 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.  If you are unavailable to pick up communion sets during these hours, please notify the church office at 931-647-5264. (please only take a two Sunday supply)

· If you would like to give your regular contribution, it can be dropped off at the church office during regular business hours or mailed to Hilldale Church of Christ, 501 Highway 76, Clarksville, TN 37043.  We are looking into online giving, please stay tuned.

     This means that there will only be a Livestream broadcast Sunday March 22nd and 29th.  Our Ministers along with our Broadcast Team led by Deacon John Murray will put together a meaningful online experience to help carry you through the time we cannot safely gather.

     Please know that we are in uncharted waters for our generation(s).  We have set our hearts to seek God and to honor Him not only with our lips but with our hearts and lives.  Your shepherds are heartsore for having to make this call, but we would be even more devastated if one of the Lord’s flock were to come to harm because we failed to rise up during this crisis.  Physically sequester yourself as much as you need to feel safe, but don’t forget to call one another and love one another.  Check in with someone in the church and see if they may need something.  If anything, share a message of hope that the Lord God Himself is mighty and He is in control.  Let’s prove to one another that our walk is one of love and our message is one of hope that endures beyond our weekly gatherings.  May God grant you peace in these days as we pray for you and your daily walk. 

– – Your Shepherds

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