Sunday Night Update

Sunday  Morning

We will continue to have in person worship in the auditorium this Sunday, August 16 at 10:00 AM.  Face masks are required for all present above the age of two.  Other in person worship guidelines (which have been published on the front of the bulletin the last two weeks) can be found by clicking HERE.

Sunday  Nights

We will begin meeting on Sunday nights for Bible class at 5:00 PM.  Face masks are required for everyone above the age of two.  Please read over the following bullet points for more details about Sunday Nights Phase One. 

· Our Sunday night start time will change with daylight savings time.  When daylight savings time ends on November 1, our meet time will change to 4:00 PM.  During daylight savings time, we will be meeting at 5:00 PM.  This is to help meet the needs of our older members and families with young children.

· We will start in the auditorium with a few songs and a prayer.

· After the prayer, children will be dismissed to their Bible classes by age group,  much like we do during VBS. 

· During Phase One, we will offer the following classes:

· One adult class.

· 2 years old to Kindergarten.

· 1st – 2nd Grade.

· 3rd – 5th Grade.

· Middle and High School Class.

· Class length will be approximately 45 minutes.

· Those who need to take the Lord’s Supper will be dismissed to the library at 10 minutes till the hour.

· The adult class will be live streamed for those that are not able to be present.

· Phase Two details will be sent out at a later date.  Phase Two will tentatively see more adult and children’s classes added back in.

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