MAGI Boxes

On Sunday, September 6 we accepted the challenge to show that #HilldaleCares by filling MAGI boxes  (Making a Godly Impact) for Healing Hands International.  All 150 of our MAGI boxes were taken home.  If you were not able to pick up a box we will have more available Sunday, September 13.  The filled boxes will be distributed by local missionaries in Honduras, Zambia, and at the Texas-Mexico border.  If you would like to read more about this effort please see their website at

Things to Keep in Mind As You Fill Your MAGI Box:

Boxes must be turned in at the table in the vestibule by Sunday, September 27.

Please turn in your $7 donation for shipping and processing when you turn in your box.  Do not put the money in the box.  Checks need to be make out to Hilldale church of Christ.

Please pay close attention to the packing list and the list of item to not include.

You may leave a personal not in the box if you would like.

The boxes are distributes with small Bibles, so you do not have to include one.

DO NOT TAPE THE LID DOWN!  You may put a rubber band around the outside of the box, but please do not use tape.

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