New Church App

As we continue being together again, we are restoring and rebuilding some of our attendance practices.  Starting Sunday, April 18, there will be three ways to “check in” that will give the church office a record of your attendance.

Our three ways to check in are:

  1. Attendance Cards – We will continue to offer attendance cards in the pews for those present at worship, or Bible class. The cards can be filled out and dropped in the collection boxes in the vestibule.
  2. Mobile App (iPhone/Android) – We will launch an app that will include ways to view the Contact and Order of Worship, a link to give online, and other informational items.  Through this app you will be able to check yourself and your family in.  If you “check in” through the app you will not need to fill out an attendance card.  Just a few clicks and you are checked in.  If you are worshipping from home, you will also be able to “check in” using the app and let us know you are a “virtual worshiper.”
  3. Touchless Scanner – There will be a mounted barcode scanner at designated locations in the vestibule (near the cry room entrance and near the small kitchen entrance) that will allow you to scan a personal barcode created just for you to check yourself in, and you will not have to touch anything.

That is three different ways to let us know you are present!  All you have to do is choose one!

Barcodes will be produced by our tech team on a sticker.  You can put it in your bible, on a keychain, or in your wallet.  You will not need a barcode if you plan to use the app or fill out a card.  If you would like to receive a personal barcode sticker contact the church office via phone or email.

We are very excited to be launching these new ways to take attendance!  These new ideas are continuing to be tested and we know that we will likely run into some problems here and there as we launch.  You will discover that parts of the app may not be fully functional yet. Please be patient, over time we will be rolling out new features. We ask that you pray about this new work and have patience with volunteers helping launch these new check-in procedures. 

Whether you check in using our new system or you choose to fill out a card, this information will help the office and elders know you are present for worship and who we may need to reconnect with and encourage. 

Below you will find two informational videos showing how to download the app and how to use the app to check in for worship services and Bible classes. If you have any questions or issues please contact the church office.

How to download the app tutorial.
How to check in using the app tutorial.
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