Lads 2 Leaders

Welcome to our Lads 2 Leaders Ministry at Hilldale!  Throughout the year our students work with mentors, teachers, and volunteers to prepare speeches, learn how to lead singing, memorize scripture, study for a Bible Bowl competition, prepare puppet skits, and more.  Then every year during Easter weekend we travel to the Opry Land Hotel in Nashville, with thousands of other members of the church, to put everything we have worked on into practice.  Our participants range from PreK all the way through twelfth grade and many of their parents help with program.

Below you will find information on our 2021 Lads 2 Leaders Program.  You can also sign your child/teen up to participate with us.

Our Lads 2 Leaders Committee consist of  Travis Hartle, Jessica Hartle, Harris Fondren, Dana Kennedy, Jennifer Biter.

Our 2021 registration meeting will take place on Sunday, September 13 in the chapel at 4:30 PM.  

Ready to register?

Click HERE to register for Lads 2 Leaders 2020

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