Tuesday Morning Ladies Class

About Us

            We are a group of ladies who meet together on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. to study the scriptures and grow in the knowledge of His word.  Ladies of all ages are welcome and invited to join us.  In addition to Bible study, we are involved in several projects that provide opportunities to serve and glorify God.  We use our talents and skills in ministering to others, i.e., greeting card ministry, daily benevolence servant heart sheet activities, FUEL program, and Tabitha Tuesday project. Other opportunities to serve include caring for the baptismal garments, preparing communion, and restocking pews with attendance and message cards.  As we meet. serve and study the Word together, we grow closer to the Lord and to each other. 

What We Study

           We are beginning a new study on September 10.  This quarter, we shall use the book Mark: Gospel Advocate Foundations Study, Winter 2018The book costs $2.00.  Members may pay for the books either on the Fuel Work Day or before or after morning and evening worship services on September 8, 2019.  Our first class meeting is planned for Tuesday, September 10 at 10:00 a.m.

FUEL Program

Except for the summer months of June, July, and August, we provide food items each week for 100 designated needy children at one of the local schools. The food consists of 15 different nutritious, non-perishable items which are enough for the two weekend days the children are not at school to receive free breakfast and lunch. The ladies in our class meet on the 2nd Monday and Tuesday of each month to prepare the bags that are carried to the school and distributed to the 100 children each week.

Tabitha Tuesday Project: Sewing for Jesus

After our class lesson on the 1st Tuesday of each month (named Tabitha Tuesday), we meet to cut, stuff, hand-sew or do other seamstress work that does not require a sewing machine.  Most of the sewing is done at home by those who have machines and the other work is completed at the church building.  That way, every lady can be involved in some aspect of constructing items.

We are working with David Heffington and his wife, affiliated with the Nashville office of Healing Hands Internationa (HHI)l.  They supplied the initial patterns for our sewing projects. This is our third year of making items for youngsters and adolescent boys and girls in east Africa.  The items that we have previously made are girls’ dresses, boys shorts, school bags, diapers, diaper bags, feminine hygiene kits, blankets, hats, Teddy bears, and baby bibs. 

In 2018 was our first time to work with the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief in conjunction with our sewn items.  The staff at HHI asked us to help with the massive relief effort in the flooded areas.  We sent several hundred Teddy bears we had made to be included in containers of baby supplies for flood victims.

Recently, the Tabitha Tuesday Group sewed items for children in Honduras. Our very own Patty Johnson will be going on a mission trip there this summer and will be delivering the homemade items. Below is a picture of the Tuesday Ladies Class with the items they had prepared.
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